Why Fibreglass? The Top 5 Benefits of Fibreglass Trailers

October 1, 2019

Fiberglass is a type of fibre-enforced plastic made from glass or its derivatives. Glass fibres have been in use for centuries, but the capabilities of modern fibreglass was only being properly explored from the 1930s. Since then, fibreglass has become a popular material for many engineering projects-- for example, for rollercoasters, aircrafts, boats, tanks, and of course, trailers. But what makes this material such a popular choice?

1. Strength and durability

Fibreglass is much stronger than ordinary glass, and it's stronger than sheet metal when measured kilogram for kilogram. Greater flexibility and strength of material is achieved as a result of the orientation of the molecules of the surface layer of glass. It changes when the fibreglass is pulled out of the molten glass mass. Due to its complex production process, fibreglass acquires properties that are uncharacteristic of ordinary glass--the first ones being strength and durability.

Its unique molecular structures means that products built from fibreglass will have a high resistance to corrosion. This in turn will mean that it will not rust easily and will not be easily damaged upon exposure to corrosive chemicals. This makes fibreglass the perfect material choice for trailers as mobile trailers spend a lot of time outdoors, exposing itself to the forces of nature.

How Fibreglass is Made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHyH10awjL0

2. Design freedom

Another benefit of fibreglass is that it provides the designer and engineer with the freedom to design creatively. There are very few restrictions when it comes to moulding fibreglass, giving the engineer unlimited possibilities. Fibreglass can be coated with any colour: it can be shiny or matte, and it can be moulded into any shape. Our fibreglass dog grooming trailers, for example, have been strategically and creatively designed to maximise efficiency and ease of use. Our decision to use fibreglass meant that we could design our products to suit our clients' aesthetic and practical requirements.

3. Cost effectiveness

Unlike steel, fibreglass is ruled by stable prices meaning that you won't have to worry about fluctuations in prices. Additionally, its low maintenance requirements means that you won't be spending exorbitant amounts of money on maintenance all the time. The exteriors of our fibreglass dog grooming trailers are easy to clean and maintain, so you won't have to worry about constantly bringing it back to the factory for frequent and costly repairs.

4. Appearance

It goes without saying that appearance is highly important when it comes to running a business. Achieving the look of professionalism is key to generating new leads and customers. For this reason, fibreglass is a great choice for mobile trailers as it provides the trailer with a sleek, professional finish. We send our trailers out to our clients with the confidence that they will be proud of their trailer and their business.

5. Effective insulation

Fibreglass is a good insulator for both heat and sound. In regards to sound, fibreglass absorbs sound waves more than it bounces off sound waves, meaning it provides extremely good acoustics. In the case of mobile dog groomers, for example, this is an added bonus as it allows them to achieve optimal sound levels for working. On the other hand, in terms of temperature, fibreglass has the lowest levels of expansion and contraction with heat and cold in comparison with metal, plastic, and wood.

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